Graduation Thesis
Upstream Particles Observed in
the Earth's Forshock Region

Master's Thesis
The Structures of Dynamic Pressure Change in the Solar Wind
and Corresponding Responses of the Bow Shock, Magnetosphere
and Geomagnetic Field

1. An Unusual Magnetic Cloud and Corresponding
Movement of the Earth's Bow Shock
2. Geomagnetic Negative Sudden Impulse (SI-)
due to the Magnetic Cloud
3. Statistical Analysis of the Effect of
Solar Wind Dynamic Pressure Changes
on the H-component SYM Index

Ph.D. Thesis
Studies on Geomagnetic Sudden Impulses (SIs)
in Relation to the Properties of Structures in the Solar Wind

1. Geomagnetic Negative Sudden Impulses (SI-s)
2. サストリ・ジョブ (1993.11.18 SC)
3. Effect of Orientation of Interplanetary
Discontinuities on the SI field
4. Small-Scale Plasma Hole in the Solar Wind

指導教官 荒木 徹 教授